406 Recycling provides free e-recycling each month


406 Recycling helped people make a clean start for the new year on Friday by providing free electronic recycling in the Good Samaritan parking lot.

The e-recycling company offers the service on the last Friday of each month through April 26, 2019.

Matt Elsaesser, owner of 406 Recycling, said they’re glad to offer the service and help the community be good stewards of the environment.

“We’re very proud of the secure, environmentally minded service we provide and we want to make that accessible to the community,” said Elsaesser, “And we do provide the most comprehensive option for recycling.”

Most items are accepted for free with an encouraged donation of $10 to Good Samaritan .

Some items like large TVs and CRT televisions do require a charge due to the cost of recycling them.

406 Recycling also provided secured data destruction receipts at $4 by mail and $3 by email.

“What we do here is if someone brings in a computer for example, we remove the hard drive and lock that up and ensure that it is destroyed at our shop very shortly,” said Elsaesser.

406 Recycling currently works with various businesses and government entities to provide secure data destruction.

Businesses or others with more than an armful of electronics are asked call ahead of a drop off at (406) 449-6008 to pre-register or schedule a pickup with 406 Recycling.

For more information about the services they provide, visit their website here.

-Reported by John Riley/MTN News


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