Are We Doing Enough? A Recycling Update


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News release from Arlington Public Schools.

Glebe Recycling Green Teamby Kerm Towler, Assistant Manager of Plant Operations

What You Can do to Mitigate Climate Change
Spring is coming which conjures thoughts about the Earth. Some schools will host beautification events in honor of Earth Day. What about every day strategies to respond to climate change?

Did you know that APS trash and recycling material are weighed at each site at each pick-up? Annual recycling rates among all schools range from 7% to 40%. The Arlington County minimum mandated rate is 25% and APS’s overall recycling rate is about 28%. Elementary school recycling rates tend to be higher than middle and high school rates of recycling.

Recycling3The clear leaders in recycling are:

School Group Location
Elementary Claremont, Carlin Springs, Long Branch, Nottingham
Middle H-B Woodlawn, Williamsburg
High Yorktown

Use Appropriate Containers

Placing trash and recycling materials in the appropriate containers is a powerful expression of a commitment to the environment. How aware are staff and students of the recycling program, though? Effective yet simple communication will help raise recycling rates.

Ask Yourself the Following:

  1. Does your work station/classroom have both a recycling can and a trash can?
  2. Are recycling posters in English and Spanish (available from Plant Operations for free) posted above every dual stream container?
  3. Is an 8.5 x 11 laminated version of the poster in your room? English language version: Spanish language version:

Recycling containers and posters are available from the Plant Operations Office. Check out our website and the for cross-curricular ideas and resources to enhance your location’s program.


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