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Asset destruction remains a much-needed service for most companies that have to replace depreciated assets like old computers, machine parts, scrap metals, and operational equipment. If your company is ready to rid itself of this equipment in order to gain salvage or residual value in the books, it’s time to call us. We are your reliable resource for asset destruction and disposal.

There are always a few unsuspecting companies out there that may need to dispose of idle parts and equipment; and it merely gets thrown into a dumpster or donated to an organization, rather than properly discarded into the capable hands of a scraping company. Unfortunately, when it’s all said and done, these parts end up in landfills laying waste, and the companies see no gain in properly disposing of these assets.

Why We Can Help

#1 Know-How

Our professional asset destruction team can help document and manage the destruction and/or removal of company materials and hardware that meets its specific guidelines and standards. Not only do we back our years of experience, we also have the appropriate skills, tools, and equipment to properly dismantle, cut-up, and destroy your assets.

#2 Our Guarantee

We provide your company with paperwork to show that an asset has been properly retired, and will never be re-built or re-used. In other words, we can take care of all of it for you. Be it simple asset destruction, full-scale demolition projects, or facility gutting, we help companies get the most value out of their old metals and equipment.

#3 Convenience

For your convenience, our team can travel to your facility and take care of the project on-site; or if required, remove the asset for off-site destruction. Either way, we will offer full process tracking and documentation for every job to meet your specific needs. Moreover, we pay you for valuable recycled metal and materials that you no longer need.

If your business has a surplus of old parts, or if your company has grown and you now have a set of newly retired assets that need to be sold, scrapped, recycled, donated, or simply disposed of from the books, we will get the job done effectively and according to proper regulations.

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