Bangor students targeted in wrong bins and recycling fines plan


Bins and recycling boxes left out in a student area of Bangor

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Concerns about bins left on streets – especially in student areas in Bangor – has prompted the debate

A bid to crackdown on wheelie bins cluttering the streets could see students in a university city targeted.

Gwynedd Council’s cabinet is being asked to approve fines for repeat offenders, following ongoing complaints, especially in Bangor.

The council stressed financial penalties of up to £100 would be a last resort.

Students’ union leaders said they would be “knocking on doors” to ensure students avoided fines.

The move follows two years of consultation across the county on how to tackle problems with people putting out bins for collection on the wrong day, or leaving them on the street for days on end.

The council also wants to ensure residents are recycling properly and not dumping items in bins designed for landfill waste.

Fixed penalty notices of up to £100 could be issued if the plans are adopted and, ultimately, offenders could end up in court facing fines of up to £1,000.

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The council says it will work with communities to raise awareness about the problem

The measures being considered on Tuesday include plans for a county-wide promotion campaign “with a particular focus on the city of Bangor”.

About 10,000 students are descending on Bangor over the weekend as the new autumn term gets under way – more than doubling the city’s population.

Council cabinet member Catrin Wager said: “I believe that the vast majority of the issues identified can be dealt with by encouraging residents to put their bins out for collection day only, and by doing more to raise awareness and educate people about the various collections on-offer.

“Only as a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted would we consider the need for enforcement action in those instances where residents continue to ignore the advice provided.”

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Bangor students’ union president Mark Barrow says they will “knocking” on doors to educate students on bins

Bangor University Students’ Union said it remained opposed to using fines to enforce waste collections rules.

“We should be working with local residents to inform them about recycling, which should encourage them to deal with waste effectively,” said president Mark Barrow.

“It is also important to remember that student housing is very different, in that there are often many more people living in the house than would be expected in other circumstances, and that the house can be empty for relatively long periods of time.”

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