Bay County Suspends Recycling Indefinitely


PANAMA CITY Fla. – Storm damage from Hurricane Michael has left it’s mark on Bay County’s trash and recycling collection processes. Both are currently being brought to landfills within the county. 

The county hired a company called “Trash Roll Off” to collect recyclable materials but their building suffered major damage from the storm. As a result the county has suspended recycling services indefinitely, and are currently looking for another recycling vendor. 

Valerie Sale, Bay County Public Information Officer said their incinerator was also damaged, but will be back up and running again soon and used as recycling. “We’re very excited to potentially be able to offer the waste energy facility again in the very near future. We view that as a type of recycling, it certainly takes the trash that people throw away in bay county and creates energy out of it.”

When the trash is burned, energy is produced to power 5500 homes per year. Currently the incinerator is in the final stages of repairs to it’s siding, roof, and water damage. It is expected to be working again, on a limited basis,  by Dec. 16, 2018. 

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