Bryan recycling center to close, city looking at other options


BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) – The city of Bryan’s drive-thru recycling center will be moving because Walmart is planning to add more restaurants in their parking lot and develop the site the city has their facility on.

Seven days a week you can drop off recycling at Bryan’s drive-thru facility.

“We process around right now we’re about a little over 800 tons a year,” said Eric Zaragoza, Bryan Environmental Services Department Manager. “We get about 170 cars a day.”

Zaragoza recently gave the city council a workshop update on some future recycling options. Walmart has offered to let the city build on another part of their property.

“At the Walmart site to develop that it would be in the ballpark around $425,000. In order to develop the one at the Target center we’re estimating it to be a little over $300,000,” said Zaragoza.

Evelyn Hunter drops by weekly.

“I really appreciate the drive-thru,” said Hunter, “It allows me collect what I need to they take good care of the materials that we bring through,” she said.

Zaragoza adds they are looking at options like curbside recycling.

“It would cost us a little over a million dollars and so obviously it’s pretty costly. Our current budget right now it about $425,000 at the recycling center,” he explained.

“We appreciate that Walmart has been giving us free rent for many years there, but they have the right to put restaurants there,” said Mayor Andrew Nelson of Bryan.

“It’s going to be great for the community I believe and so now we’ve got to look at what’s the best option going forward,” he said.

Nelson is concerned about keeping costs low for the city. The also partner with Junction 505 for some of the employees there.
Nelson and city staff say that will continue.

“At the council workshop it was made clear to us that the employment of our partners at Junction 505 that we’re big supporters of is not dependent on that facility on the closing date,” said Nelson “We’re going to be working with them for the long term,” he said.

“I feel like it’s a valuable service,” said Hunter.

The city staff will present all the options to council again on April 23rd.

Leadership with Junction 505 will also have a meeting to look at their future options. Their staff tell us they hope the changes won’t have a harmful impact on their employees who have disabilities.

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