City of Dallas Sues Recycling Company


The City of Dallas is suing a recycling company they accuse of “large-scale illegal dumping.”

Blue Star Recycling currently operates a facility in south Dallas off South Central Expressway where they recycle shingles.

Neighbor Marsha Jackson was the first to blow the whistle after large piles of ground up shingles have grown since the company took over in January.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s sad, it’s like we just out here and they don’t care about the neighborhood they just going to do whatever they want to do,” Jackson said.

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Chris Ganter, Blue Star’s CEO, told NBC 5 over the phone that their operation is both “legal and safe” but Dallas City Councilman Tennell Atkins is among those who disagrees.

“There’s no excuse for this to be here, there’s no excuse that this house sitting right here that this facility is here,” Atkins said.

In a statement the City of Dallas said in part:

“The inspection team observed large-scale illegal dumping and industrial waste being dumped into the City’s storm sewer system in violation of the City’s stormwater permitting requirements. Due to these severe issues and risk to the environment, the City Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order with Dallas County Courts.”

The TCEQ also confirmed for NBC 5 they are investigating. Jackson says she hopes the site will be shut down and the property that borders her yard will be cleaned up.

“It’s just growing and growing they didn’t care, it’s terrible,” Jackson said.

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