City posts results of informal survey on garbage, recycling and yard waste program


Quincy (WGEM) — Quincy officials released the results of an informal survey they conducted this week on proposed changes to the city’s garbage, recycling and yard waste program.

The survey was published on the City of Quincy’s Facebook Page on Saturday and again on Sunday. The survey results were posted Wednesday night.

The Facebook post says 810 people responded to the survey but only 796 people completed all four questions. The city’s Facebook Page has 1,654 followers.

Should the city eliminate the recycling program?

The first question in the survey proposed the idea of the city eliminating the recycling program. Participants overwhelming voted to keep the program, with 86.3 percent of the 803 participants saying, “no” the city should not eliminate the program.


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What if curbside recycling was discontinued

The survey also asked participants what they would prefer if curbside recycling was discontinued and they had to dispose of more waste. Of the 803 who responded, the majority (35.87 percent) stated they would prefer tote collection from a private hauler at $10.25 per month and $6.00 per month for seniors. 24 percent stated they would prefer a tote from the city for $12.99 per month and 21 percent stated that they would prefer to use stickers at $1.50 per bag. 153 of those surveyed chose “none of the above” and to go with their own private hauler.

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Preference for garbage collection

When it comes to garbage collection, the results of the survey show the majority of those who participated are in favor of keeping the sticker program and raising the rates to $1.50 for a small bag and $3.00 for a large bag. Of the 796 participants, 39.2 percent voted to keep the program and raise the rates. 34.3 percent voted to privatize garbage collection and 26.5 percent voted to eliminate stickers altogether and use a city-provided tote.


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Preference for yard waste collection

The survey also asked participants their thoughts on yard waste collection. Of the 803 that responded, the majority (54 percent) said they would like to take their own yard waste to the dump site for free. 30.8 percent said they prefer a household charge of $4.82 per month. 15 percent said they wanted the sticker option at $3.00 per bag.

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City officials noted on Facebook that the survey “was not meant to provide scientific data, but to formulate opinion from a portion of the community.”

Officials also noted that the survey did not restrict individuals from voting more than once on different devices, nor did it confirm that every participant was a Quincy resident.

Officials stated the results have been sent to all aldermen and department heads for consideration.

The Facebook post also recognized that the survey did not allow participants to make comments and ask residents to contact their aldermen to voice their concerns.

The council will vote on the future of Quincy’s garbage, recycling and yard waste program on Monday, January 28.


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