Family agrees to settle lawsuit against car recycling facility


FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A lawsuit trying to prevent a car recycling facility from being built in Fluvanna County has been settled.

The county approved a rezoning last year to make room for the LKQ recycling facility, but residents expressed concerns about noise, traffic, and pollution.

Katie Ward and her husband, Walter, filed suit, saying the county didn’t follow proper procedures and was not transparent about the process.

However, after the lengthy legal battle, Katie says she has decided to settle the lawsuit if the county promises to conduct quarterly water and soil tests around the LKQ property.

“We were getting financially and emotionally strained from almost a year and a half of legal battle,” Katie said. “At least, in the end, we were able to settle on some extra environmental measures.”

The Wards say they would have preferred to reverse the county’s decision and prevent LKQ from opening, but now that the facility is moving forward, they hope the county and the company will pay close attention to nearby residents.

“Hopefully they do want to be a good neighbor and comply with those issues,” Walker said. “We can hope.”

The settlement also gives the Wards $130,000 to cover their legal costs and to help counteract the potential loss of their property value due to its proximity to LKQ.

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