Fishing Line Recycling Bin Coming to Kleenburn – County 3


At the Sheridan County Board of Commissioners staff meeting Tuesday, Jan. 22, Commissioner Terry Cram asked the rest of the board for administrative approval to allow Northern Wyoming Walleyes Unlimited to install a monofilament line recycling bin at Kleenburn Recreation Area.

Monofilament line is another name for single-strand, high-density, nylon fishing line used on fishing reels and in the manufacturing of fishing nets.

If disposed of improperly, monofilament line can be hazardous to marine life, scuba divers, and boat propellers. Even when put in the trash, it can end up harming wildlife at landfills. When possible, it is best to recycle used fishing line.

Northern Wyoming Walleyes Unlimited is participating in a BoatUS Foundation program that has built and distributed over 2,000 monofilament line recycling bins to waterfront locations around the country.

The group, which is a chapter of Montana Walleyes Unlimited, approached Cram and asked for the commissioners’ permission to install the bin by attaching it to a steel rod driven into the ground near one of the docks at the Kleenburn ponds.

The board didn’t feel the need to vote on the matter, and Chairman Tom Ringley gave verbal approval to Cram for the installation.

Cram said he hoped, even if people don’t use it, just seeing the bin will inspire them to at least put their used line in their pocket instead of throwing it in the ponds.

Check out this video on how to build your own monofilament recycling bin.

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