Fleet Maintenance Software for the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry


Dossier Systems, headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia area, is the industry-leading provider of fleet maintenance software and solutions. Since 1979, Dossier has given solid waste and recycling companies the most advanced software tools to manage and track every aspect of their fleet operations. From preventative maintenance scheduling to parts and fuel management, Dossier helps fleet personnel manage costs and maintain a safe fleet.

The product, Dossier, is available in 2 editions, Essentials and Professional, and both editions are available in the cloud. Many customers choose the cloud solution, called Dossier On-Demand, to avoid the need of an IT infrastructure and deal with the server side of the product.

Dossier Systems’ value goes beyond the software itself; their people bring incredible industry and technology expertise. As a full-service firm, Dossier Systems delivers more than just software, they deliver a wide range of professional consulting and training services to ensure their customers achieve success with Dossier. The company’s team of Fleet Management Consultants, FMCs, each draw upon 20+ years of hands-on fleet management experience. 

In addition, Dossier customers are supported by a highly skilled and knowledgeable customer service team. Located, in the US, most calls are answered by person, not voicemail and the average customer support technician has 10 years of experience with Dossier.

The solid waste and recycling industry benefits from using Dossier’s fleet maintenance software as it allows management to track and understand costs with associated business intelligence and reporting on asset type which is crucial for making informed decisions.

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This facilitates a culture where PMs are done on time. Modern waste hauling equipment is highly complex and requires frequent preventive and corrective maintenance, which must be completed in a timely manner to avoid downtime.

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And, with highly complex equipment, the ability to capture the data needed and create claims to recover warranty expense from OEMs and parts suppliers can have a huge bottom line impact.

The combination of complex trucks, high maintenance demands, and multiple lines of business make the needs of a waste hauling company more intensive than many fleets. Knowing the actual costs (not just in total, but in specific vehicle areas) has never been more important as well as choosing a software partner who understands these needs. The right information needs to be presented in actionable reports. This is the power of Dossier, simply the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance management software tool available in the solid waste and recycling industry.

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