How Recycling E-Waste Can Help Gorillas Survive


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Conventional ways of recycling e-waste that can save gorillas

Electronic waste constitutes of obsolete electronics and electrical appliances. But, electronic recycling involves the reuse or recycling of electronic devices. E-waste is among the leading categories of waste containing vast amounts of toxic elements. Such toxic elements can destroy the natural habitats of endangered species, and the harvesting of materials used in electronic devices also wreaks havoc on habitats — including that of the gorilla.

Accordingly, recycling companies come in handy in disposing of e-waste. They also dismantle them in ways that support the safe extraction of constituent parts for use in other devices. However, most countries have laws governing the recycling and reuse of electronics so it is important to dispose of them properly.

Some of recycling options include:

  1. Reselling

Online auctions allow businesses and consumers who wish to resell their used electronics to do so. For example, online classified ads provide an ideal platform that connects both sellers and buyers.  This way, businesses seeking cost-effective means of recycling many electronics can do so with ease. This is an excellent opportunity to sell an LG phone and other electronics, or to get a used, inexpensive high-resolution smartphone or tablet.

  1. Donations

Consumers and businesses can also give their used electronics to charity. Various charitable organizations take in old electronics and give them to the needy, for instance, charitable institutions and children’s homes in developing countries.

  1. Return

Some electronics companies offer return options to customers. Accordingly, before purchasing any item, it’s important to find out if the company extends recycling services. The companies can recover and reuse valuable materials — thereby reducing the need to mine in gorilla habitats — and you can get a credit to use towards the purchase of a new device.

  1. Exchange

When you purchase a new item, some manufacturers take back your old appliances and replace them with new ones. In such cases, they obtain and recycle e-waste from corporations with which they have long-running contracts. Exchange programs for electronics like laptops and smartphones are prevalent.

  1. Scrapping/Recycling

E-waste contains various valuable metals that are useful in the manufacture of other electronics.  For instance, old computers are often dismantled and some parts plucked for use in other functioning machines.

Final Thoughts

Recycling has created many jobs for survey professionals in the electronics industry. They are great spots for cheaper replacement parts. More so, valuable metals like copper, gold, and aluminum can be retrieved from radios, computers, and televisions and traded as scrap.

There are plenty of options for getting rid of outdated electronics. it is important to avoid throwing them in the trash and sending them to landfills. Rather, dispose of them safely, conserve the environment, and help save the gorillas. Check out the infographic below to see how recycling e-waste can save gorillas and their habitat.



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