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I am so excited about these giant 6 inch alphabet letter dies. I have been lucky enough to get an advance set of the 26 letter dies.

Do they look like something you would like to add to your die collection and use to make all sorts of things like this no-sew XO Valentine’s Day pillow and other things like party banners, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, altered book pages, art, and so much more? Well, leave a comment in today’s post and I will let you know when they become available!

First up I ironed some Heat n Bond onto the back of some cute pink polka dot quilt fabric.

Then I die cut the giant 6 inch letter die X first.

Then I lined up the 6 inch letter die “O” and secured it with a bit of washi tape so it didn’t shift out of alignment while die cutting.

Two perfect 6 inch die cut block letters ready to iron onto a pillow case to upcycle it for Valentine’s Day.

I slipped the pillow case over the pillow and used a bit of washi tape again to place the iron-on die cut six inch letters.

Then I slipped the pillow case off, pealed the backing paper of off the die cut letters and ironed the die cut letters X and O onto the pink plaid pillow case.

I am looking forward to adding all sorts of words and letters onto everything using these new 6 inch letter dies.

You too? Leave a comment and I’ll keep you posted when they become available!

XO my Recycled Crafts readers.



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