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I am thinking ahead to Mother’s Day and if you are too how about this for a fun big MOM card that can be made out of virtually any paper combo and I used 6 inch letter dies along with some flower embellishments and a button.

The fun part of this gate fold card is that when it is closed the first and last M of MOM meet to make 1 big M.

I die cut 2 M’s out of different striped paper and 1 O out of paper that had all different words for Mother.

I used some old cardstock from the office supply stash I had around for the base of the gate fold card.

I glued each of the M’s down to a piece of cardstock in the same mirrored position and folded it down the center of each M and then along the inside edge of the M.

Then I cut a piece of cardstock down to the size of the O and glued them all together.

The then trimmed up the top edge of the card when it was all folded closed.

To add one fun little touch I glued a few layers of pressed flowers together along with a pretty flower button.

If you add a paper clip this can keep the card folded closed too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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