iCARE takes over Plastikeep recycling bins


A recycling bin at Massy, Westmall which was formerly operated by Plastikeep but have been transfered to the Environmental Management Authority iCARE programme.

THE recycling bins being operated by NGO Greenlight Network Plastikeep have been transferred to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) iCARE (Community, Awareness, Recycle, Everyday) programme.

Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis, in a ministry statement, reported that as of January 30, the transfer of items from Plastikeep was initiated. The ministry said iCARE senior project manager Dale Cozier had received all information needed for the transfer of the Plastikeep bins to the iCARE programme.

“With this transfer, we will continue to expand the iCARE programme through the EMA in the West of Trinidad with the placement of bins in public primary and secondary schools, and at least ten additional public access areas. iCARE will ensure that all communities currently serviced by Plastikeep, bins will continue to be serviced by the same collection contractor (Waste Disposals (2003) Ltd) using the same collection schedule that the stakeholders are accustomed to.”

The ministry said it would contact all the stakeholders to get feedback on their collection service to determine what improvements could be made.

“All Plastikeep bins will be replaced by iCARE bins in a phased manner to ensure there will be no interruptions to the collection service.”

The ministry explained iCARE collects beverage containers, namely, PET bottles, glass bottles, aluminium cans and drink cartons and has bins in over 85 locations nationwide.

In late January, Plastikeep founder Rosanna Farmer announced that, after more than eight years the plastic recovery and education project, Plastikeep would be shutting down. She had said she planned to take Government to court if a reported outstanding $2.15 million was not paid. Robinson-Regis had said that all contractual obligations to Plastikeep had been met and there was no outstanding money.

Farmer told Newsday on Wednesday in a telephone interview that, moving forward, her focus would be to get the money from the Government. She said she had written to the Prime Minister and copied Finance Minister Colm Imbert and Robinson-Regis with a chronology of events and all supporting documents. She added she planned to do some education and advocacy with iCARE.

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