It’s Almost Beginning to Look Like…Recycling!


It’s my favorite holiday jungle! What’s that? It’s October and you’re deeply offended I would even suggest the idea of Christmas? Yeah. Me too.

But! The thing about being frugal is it takes a lot of planning.

So, forgive me, I’m just trying to plan ahead and help you plan ahead. Pretty soon the harsh Chicago winter will be upon us and you’ll be thanking me you’re not in a fist fight over a shoddily made toaster in the Bridgeview Walmart. Ahem. Not that that’s ever happened to me or anything.

Moving on.

Some of my favorite ways to wrap presents are …maps. No, I’m serious. When is the last time you used a map? They’re probably sitting in your passenger side door, collecting dust. Unfold them, and use them for wrapping paper.


I’ve been using maps and I’m down to my last ten or so. It’s crazy how big they are, and how I used to heavily rely on them.

Another thing I do is cut up brown kraft paper bags we get from Aldi the few times a year I manage to forget my bags at home. I allow the kids to stamp them, color them, paint them, and in general, decorate them for the holidays.


Then I tie the bow with string we have in droves from many other projects over the years. Also, secondhand stores carry yarn, check out their craft aisles if you need some.

I also figured out how to make poms and attach them to twigs and use those instead of bows to decorate a package.


Seriously, how cute it that? I’ll do a tutorial soon on how to make the poms. But if you’re impatient, hit up Pinterest, there’s tons of tutorials on there.

My favorite frugal holiday gift is something we make. We make lemoncello and toffee and either jar or box it up as gifts.


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As a hostess gift, I save my tin cans, put about an inch of pebbles into the bottom, and plant herbs. I wrap the outside in fabric, add a gift tag, and you have the perfect no-cost recycled hostess gift!

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