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For this Memorial Day, Junk King wishes to recognize the members of the United States Armed Forces within our organization, the ones that served and those who are no longer here because of that service. Junk King takes pride in having many veterans working in key roles within our organization, from franchise owners to employees.

As a holiday, Memorial Day holds a special position in the United States, serving as a day for everyone to remember and reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives in service to their country.

Originally called Decoration Day, the federal holiday now known as Memorial Day dates back to before the Civil War. In those days, individuals would go to cemeteries and decorate the graves of fallen soldiers, a practice that allowed family members to visit the final resting places of their loved ones while urging others to remember the service of strangers who offered all that had to protect those they would never meet.

Such practices eventually led to modern-day observances such as parades, speeches, and dedications remembering those servicemen and women. Multiple organizations and businesses, Junk King among them, also use the day to recognize the associates and individuals that served or continue to serve in the armed forces.

Two such individuals work out of the Junk King offices in Fairfax, Virginia: Alex Powers and Dan Graham.

Enlisted in the Marines from 2000-2004, Alex Powers served as a saw gunner with 3/2 Lima Company. After returning from Iraq, Alex attended Annapolis from 2004-2006, eventually resigning his appointment halfway through to be a civilian again at the rank of Midshipman Second Class.

Likewise, Dan Graham joined the Armey in 1974, serving for nine years in tactical and strategic intelligence with assignments in the 10th Combat Engineers, HQ 3rd Infantry Division, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Junk King wants to thank all of the veterans that have faithfully served our country, both within our organization and throughout the United States.

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