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Hi All,

I’m posting because my small town is having discussions around local recycling.

The discussion is based around what we can do to prevent people from dumping things that can’t be recycled into recycle areas.

My town has a small plot of land dedicated with large construction like dumpsters for recycling.

The problem is people are dumping things like couches, swing sets, and other items that are not easy to recycle there.

My town wants to figure out a way to prevent this waste from reaching these recycle areas. In addition the land may be sold here soon as the city hall is moving and a new area may need to be designated.

So a few things that were brought up were to:

A. Put up a fence and cameras to discourage the drop offs of items that can’t be recycled

B. Move the recycling facility to the new waste water plant being built or to the other city hall (which doesn’t really solve the problem, and the city thinks its unsightly)

C. Provide recycling containers to residents that they can leave at the curb for trash trucks.

What has your town done to improve its recycling initiative?

Recycling bins seem to be the best option, because you can’t put a couch inside a bin for example, but idk how this is negotiated with trash contractors (we contract our trash out, it’s not provided by the city).

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