Local News: City of Cherokee Village expands recycling (2/6/19)


The City of Cherokee Village partnered with the Highland School District to encourage area youth to recycle.

The City of Cherokee Village has a long legacy of promoting recycling and recently, took their efforts one step further by involving the students of Cherokee Village Elementary.

According to Cherokee Village Mayor Russell Stokes, recently the city partnered with the Highland School District to place a cardboard trailer at the elementary school.

“This whole idea came up after Jerry Adams, Rob Smith and I attended an annual recycling forum at Batesville. On the way back we were talking about projects and this popped out of the hat. We thought it’d be a good idea and so we pursued it. We met with Superintendent Don Sharp and told him what we wanted to do and he was in agreement with it,” Stokes said.

Shortly after, the city applied for a grant from the White River Solid Waste Management District (WRSWMD).

“It was a 75/25 grant and so the city ponied up the other 25 percent. We had to make some modifications to it to make it work, but got it for well under what we had applied for and so the remaining funds will be returned to them [WRSWMD],” Stokes said. “I asked them if they would consider designating that [remainder of funds] to the Tri-County Recycling if they have something they’re applying for.”

Stokes said the project has taken longer than initially anticipated but is now complete.

“We had hoped to have it there for when school started, but that didn’t happen. There was some lag time because applying for the grant, getting it approved, getting the trailer and other things, it ran about six months behind,” Stokes said. “It’s posted there at the elementary school on the back side and our agreement with them is if they’re not able to haul it to recycling we will. We thought it was a good way to emphasize recycling to the elementary students and get them on the right track.”

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