Local students collect empty milk jugs to make bench for recycling program


by Ed Ernstes, WSBT 22 Reporter

Local students collect empty milk jugs to make bench for recycling program. // WSBT 22 photo

Helping others, the community and the earth. That’s the goal behind a new project at a local school.

For the month of January, students at Concord West Side Elementary have been on a mission.

The goal is to collect as many empty milk jugs as possible. All will go for the school’s Milk Jug to Bench recycling program.

Polywood, a Syracuse company, will recycle the plastic to make the school a bench.

“It’s a neat thing, because they take milk jugs and then just melt them down,” said Reid Kniloer, second grader. “And then wash them and put them into a mold, And then make its parts for a bench and then put them together.”

“This is actually the second year that we’ve done this, and the kids are certainly enjoying doing this,” said Gerard Donlon, principal. “Just certainly coming together, working together as a team and doing something positive for our community and our environment.”

They are also learning a bit of science and the process of making furniture.

Students say they are having a lot of fun and excitement working on this project. Early on though, they add, it was kind of hard to wrap their mind around the fact that the jugs could be made in to furniture.

“Most of these milk jugs just get thrown into the junk yard and they can kind of pollute the planet,” said Logan Edwards, fourth grader. “So doing this, by making a bench out of milk, are actually helping the environment.”

“I didn’t really bring a lot of milk jugs, but I still drink a lot of milk so we can get the milks jugs,” said Karolina Perez, second grader. “And that’s when I thought to myself that, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that milk jugs turn into benches too.’”

About 1,000 jugs are needed to make a bench.

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