Looking for Plastic Shredder an Extruder options to purchase for a plastic clean up effort : recycling


Hello all,

We are WorldVsPlastic.com .

We are raising funds and looking to purchase middle-sized equipment to shred plastic waste, then extrude it into a mold.

We are looking for equipment simple and small-sized like that of PreciousPlastic.com , but more scalable.

We will have hundreds to thousands of pounds of HDPE and PET to manage.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to find this equipment?

Looking for a throughput capacity of 100 – 200 KG per hour

I would like to fill a mold about 4 cubic inches in volume.

Below is Forbi, our World Vs Plastic community member collecting plastic in a dried river bed in Cameroon Africa before it washes into the ocean.

Thanks for your time,

Please share in any other places you can think of to find us support.


“Let’s save the World from plastic.”

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