Neighborhood fed up with noisy recycling plant in NE Oklahoma City


OKLAHOMA CITY – A northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood is fed up with constant loud noises, that sound like explosions, coming from a nearby recycling plant.

It’s been happening for years in the area of I-40 and Martin Luther King Avenue, according to people who live there.

“It’s the worst thing you could ever imagine. It sounds like you’re in a war zone,” said Denyvetta Davis, president of the JFK Neighborhood Association. “Washing dishes, taking a shower, whatever it might be that you’re doing in your own home – and boom.”

Davis said the ruckus is coming from a nearby recycling plant that demolishes cars.

“Once they crush them, if there’s gas in the tank, that’s what causes the explosions. And, so, since they don’t have a way of knowing, is what they told us, which ones have gas and which ones do not,” she said.

Davis said many people have also started noticing cracks in their walls that they believe were caused by the so-called explosions.

An official with the plant told News 4 that they’re aware of the frustration and they understand. They said propane bottles, that often aren’t discovered until after the demolition process, are to blame for the loud noise.

The official also said they try their best to do their due diligence.

Back in 2014, city council voted to ban plants in the area from operating before 7 a.m. However, with multiple so-called ‘blasts,’ happening, sometimes, several times a day, Davis said they want to see more done.


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