New recycling program in Quincy


An example of a larger recycling bin.

Some Quincy residents are confused with the city’s new recycling program.

KHQA breaks down the new policy.

Central Services Director Kevin McClean says right now only 86 people have signed up for the city program.

“They have to go down to City Hall to the utility department and they just sign up there,” McClean said.

It will cost residents $5 a month.

“And it goes on your utility bill and that gets you one, either a blue bin or a green bin depending on what they decide to do yet. That’s up in the air because it hasn’t passed through council yet,” McClean explained.

On Monday, City Council tabled purchasing new bins.

“If they sign up before we get them then we’ll deliver them. If they sign up after we get the new bins then they’ll have the bins down there and they’ll just give it to them when they sign up. We don’t do any of that stuff out here. It’s all done down at City Hall,” McClean stated.

The new bins will hold more recyclables.

“Some residents end up with 4 or 5. We’re trying to get away from that. This bin will be a little taller. It’s kind of like the old ones that we used to have years ago,” McClean said.

McClean says there will also be less restriction on separating items.

“Everything goes in the two bins and can be mixed in. It doesn’t matter,” McClean said.

The new program goes in effect May 1.

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