No trash or recycling pickup for Republic, Waste Management customers Feb. 13


If you are an Edmonds residential customer with garbage and recycling pickup scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13, Republic Services and Waste Management have canceled collections due to weather.

As for Sound Disposal, which serves the Edmonds Bowl, the hauler reported “they were able to collect from 98 percent of their Tuesday customers,” said City of Edmonds Recycling Coordinator Steve Fisher.

“I know they (Sound Disposal) are out doing as much as they can today for their Wednesday customers and perhaps others that were missed previously,” Fisher said. “Secondary roads continue to be iffy.”

Republic serves all Edmonds customers outside of the Bowl, while Waste Management provides service to about 120 homes in an area to the northwest and the south side of Lake Ballinger

Many customers of Republic Services and Waste Management already missed service a week ago due to snow. The company will pick up triple loads on the next scheduled pickup day next week — assuming no more weather events — at no extra charge.

Recycling is a different story, though. For example, if your recycling was scheduled to be collected this week, and is on an every-other-week basis, the next pickup will be in two weeks.

“Yes, missed pickups are an inconvenience but everyone is facing some inconvenience with this series of snow/ice/cold,” Fisher said.
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