Novey Recycling Re-purposes Ambulance Vehicle


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CLEARFIELD – Novey Recycling Inc. of Clearfield has expanded its scope of business over the past few years.

It’s most recognized as a recycling center that buys scrap metals and automobiles; sells used auto parts; and provides roll-off container services, both private and commercial.

However, it also has a number of crews working away from the main yard and performing work outside of the normal scope of business.

This includes dismantling rail cars; recycling bridge beams; demolition; heavy truck and heavy equipment removal; small scrap and salvage yard clean-ups, etc.

This also includes working with property owners who have “inherited” materials that were left behind by a previous landowner.

Amid these recycling operations, crews discovered their current off-site service truck didn’t have adequate space for tools, equipment and employees.

According to Operations Manager Mike Boal, he saw an ambulance listing on an Internet auction site. He contacted the seller and requested some vehicle measurements.

He learned that the ambulance’s body was twice as long as the Novey service truck’s body and had several more locking compartments.

Boal said the ambulance’s chassis is also rated much heavier, plus there’s additional seating, which is equipped with seatbelts, in the rear for employees.

“We believe in the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.,” Boal said. “Learning to reuse items or re-purpose them for a different use … is essential in waste hierarchy.

“We simply don’t just run a business here. We believe that everything we do has an impact on the environment and strive to make sure we do the best job possible.”

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