One Statesboro man is turning recyclable materials into everyday items


STATESBORO, Ga.,(WSAV)-One Statesboro man  says  he is doing his part to help the evnvironment. He started  a recycling company after another recycling facility stopped  accepting certain items.

Jon cook is in his third week of picking up other people’s “trash.” This trash consisits of plastics, glass bottles, and some metals. 

It’s all for his recently started  company, Boro Recycling. The business was born after another facility in town stopped accepting plastic items. Cook said he decided to make it a  teachable moment for his kids. 

“Teach them the important principles of conservation, sustainability. So, I decided that I was going to do something with at least my family’s plastic. So, I loaded it up in my truck and took it back home to my backyard shop,” cook explained.

Cook said in his backyard shop  he is able to break  down the glass and plastics into a powder like substance. He then turns the substance into every day products such as yard pavers or decorative items for the house.

“A large portion of especially the plastic material that’s recycled winds up in a landfill within two years of it going into a recycling bin. I think the process that I’ve developed of [turning] the plastics into decorative items and paver items, I’m using them in items that will last for decades, so hopefully it takes the plastic out of the waste stream,” Cook said.

Cook added he eventually hopes to  partner with largers centers to help reduce plastic waste in the area.

“Opening up a larger processing facility when I can find that so that I can begin to not only process all of the plastics that I collect through curbside, but hopefully be able to once again start accepting some drop offs prehaps at the county recycling centers,” Cook said.


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