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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Canadians call December 26 “Boxing Day.” Around here, the day after Christmas also involves plenty of boxes…and packaging, and wrapping paper, and tinsel, and other post-holiday waste.

Jackson Community Recycling would like to remind everyone that they, too, are spending time with family and friends so local recycling drop-off points are likely to get a bit backed-up during the holiday crunch. Please keep this in mind and maybe put off your recycling trip until December 27 or later.

Holiday recycling reminders:

  • Community site bins will fill up (our staff is spending time with family too). Please try another site or hold on to your items until after Christmas.
  • Please don’t leave items on the ground! It causes a larger mess, and is potentially dangerous for other users and staff.
  • Community sites are for residential use only. Businesses should use the Recycling Center.
  • Remember: Gift wrap is not recyclable.

And as always: Thanks for recycling!

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