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If you like experimenting with colorants, adhesives and coatings in you art making and crafting I have a few fun tips and tutorials for you today. I was given a Smash Pocket Folio for Christmas and I thought I’d start altering it by working on the cover.

Being that my name starts with “S” that was going to be my giant 6 inch die cut letter to embellish the big cover.

I posted a while back a tutorial on how to make watercolor paint with eye shadow and I was wondering how it would be to use the eye shadow directly on paper.

I wanted to get a twofer out of this eye shadow edging technique so I placed the diecut on another piece of paper and held it still so that as I applied the eye shadow along the edge with a Q-tip I would get another letter S.

I chose the pink outline letter S with a recycled dictionary page featuring words that begin with the letter S behind it to embellish the junk journal cover.

I first spritzed a light coating of the new spray on Matt Mod Podge onto the cover and placed the recycled dictionary page on it.

Then I spritzed another coat over the page and placed the die cut window outline of the letter S.

Finally I spritzed a final coat of Spray on Mod Podge onto the eye shadow embellished letter S.

It worked great and didn’t smudge the eye shadow at all!



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