Recycling services in Corangamite and Moyne shires are unaffected by the unfolding crisis across Victoria


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RECYCLING services in Corangamite and Moyne shires are unaffected by the unfolding crisis, however both councils have called on the government to find a solution. Some Melbourne councils have dumped tonnes of household recyclable material in landfill this week after the environment watchdog ordered major recycling company SKM to stop accepting waste. Corangamite mayor Neil Trotter said the shire’s recycling went to Visy to be processed and therefore was not impacted. Moyne’s recycling goes to Geelong, which is also unaffected. “Recycling in Corangamite will continue to be processed as it has previously through Visy Industries, and does not go directly to landfill for disposal, with the exception of contaminated material,” Cr Trotter said. “(This) is a serious issue for local government and community members who spend considerable time recycling and need to be given priority by the state government. There is a sector-wide issue with recycling and the government needs to take more action to support our community to have the best recycling services that can be possibly provided. Cr Trotter said the council would continue to monitor the industry and the impacts on the community. “Recycling is still the cheaper and a better option so residents should continue to put their recyclables into their recycling bin as normal and aim to reduce contamination,” he said. Moyne’s sustainable development director Oliver Moles said it was “business as usual”. “We encourage people to do the right thing with their recycling,” he said. He said there had been repeated calls from local governments for the state government to use cash from its $500 million sustainability fund to find a solution. “While local governments were grateful last year for the state government taking some measures, it really hasn’t gone to the heart of the matter,” he said. “That’s not local government’s job, it’s the state or commonwealth. We urge further work to be done.” Have you signed up to The Standard’s daily newsletter and breaking news emails? You can register below and make sure you are up to date with everything that’s happening in Warrnambool.

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