Rehoboth Beach Looks to Reinstate Beach & Boardwalk Recycling Pr


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- An old recycling program may return to Rehoboth Beach.

The city implemented a recycling program on the beach and boardwalk in the early 2000s. However, contamination became an issue, so it was stopped.

Now, the city is looking to reinstate it.

The Boardwalk and Beach Committee is trying to figure out how recyclables and trash would be collected and how it would be funded.

“It would be putting a recycling bin co-located with a trash bin, ” committee chair Stan Mills said. “That would be in the hopes that we would minimize contamination so that could be collected and the recyclables properly reused.”

The committee still has some more studying to do before they can make a recommendation to the Rehoboth Beach mayor and commissioners.

It’s not likely the program will be implemented this summer. 


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