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Local Creative Art Center, “SCRaP” is doing their part to bring glass recycling to Billings. 

SCRaP stands for share, create reuse and promote and that’s exactly what they plan to do.  

SCRaP launched their new, glass recycling program over the weekend, which will turn your old glass bottles, into reusable sand. 

Tammy Zemliska, Executive Director with SCRaP, said it’s time for Billings to do better, and start recycling more. 

The subscription-based program allows people to bring their old glass in for SCRaP to recycle for them. 

“People pay $25 to belong to the service and then five dollars each time they bring back one of their recycling bins full of glass,” said Zemliska. 

The $25 will allow SCRaP to purchase 2 blue recycle bins.  You will receive one and when you bring your recyclable glass, we will exchange an empty tub with your full one.

Their glass crusher will be put to work, to show city council there is a strong demand for recycling in the Magic City. 

“People seem really excited so if we put the word out and stuff like that hopefully the city will get on board because there’s a lot of people in billings who want to recycle and help the environment,” said volunteer Rachel Kramer. 

The money raised through the program will benefit at risk youth, and other students who may not have access to college funding. 

“And the money generated through the program will then be paid back to the kids who work through the program either in cash or scholarship money,” Zemliska said. 

Tammy Zemliska said the recycled sand can be used for many different functions. From art projects to sand bags, to concrete stepping stones and river bank reinforcement. 

SCRaP currently has just over 50 subscribers, and they said they can handle up to a hundred members in their six month pilot program. 

“Our goal is to get it to where we can hand it off to the city and make it be city wide so that way more people than the hundred we can help can do it,” said Zemliska. 

In the last year, SCRaP has collected about 7 tons of glass, so they’re about to have a lot of sand on their hands. If you are interested in joining the recycling program, you can visit

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