“Shingle Mountain” operator told to stop recycling until it complies with city of Dallas, state regulations


DALLAS — A Dallas County Civil Court judge on Thursday told a recycling company to stop collecting or processing any additional roof shingles that now tower above a southern Dallas neighborhood.

191st District Court Judge Gena Slaughter granted a temporary restraining order requested by the city of Dallas after a 75-minute hearing.

Blue Star Recycling is prevented from “performing any waste collection, recycling, or any other industrial activity, without first complying with all relevant federal, state, and local laws.”

In her 3-page ruling, Slaughter said the recycling plant, which opened in late 2017 off S. Central Expressway, is out of compliance with both city and state regulations.

“Including all necessary and proper permits required by the laws and ordinances of the city of Dallas; and satisfying the requirements of all applicable environmental, nuisance, and zoning laws,” the ruling reads.

Attorneys for the city of Dallas argued Blue Star has committed 18 city code violations and requested their operations be shuttered until they are brought into compliance.

The city also argued it has the authority to enforce state regulations from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, like air permits, something the recycling company doesn’t currently have.

The temporary restraining order does not prevent the recycling company from selling its large inventory of recycled shingles, often used as fill in asphalt, which could help reduce the size of the stored materials.

The order remains in place until a temporary injunction hearing set for April 3, where the requirements placed on the company on Thursday could be extended long term.

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