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Snow storm delays recycling pick up, closes Lakeside Park



Fond du Lac, Wisconsin digs out of second snowstorm in five days.
Douglas Raflik, Fond du Lac Reporter

FOND DU LAC – Due to snowy conditions, some of Fond du Lac is finding itself at a standstill until the storm clears. 

The weather — a combination of heavy snowfall and wind — caused Waste Management to close Monday, meaning that residents whose recycling was scheduled to be picked up will be delayed by a day, according to City of Fond du Lac Solid Waste Supervisor Chad Fisher. Garbage will be picked up as regularly scheduled.

This delay will continue throughout the week, pushing pickup back one day for those scheduled. It is possible recycling might have to be picked up on a Saturday as well, Fisher said. However, as it is possible that the drivers will catch up, Waste Management is asking residents to still put their recycling bin on the curb on their scheduled day, Fisher said.

In addition to the number of businesses and schools that shut down Monday, Lakeside Park also closed due to safety concerns. 

Because city crews are focused on clearing snow from public streets, roads in the park have not been able to be plowed yet, said City of Fond du Lac Park & Forestry Superintendent John Redmond. The park has been closed during other periods of heavy snow in the past to keep people from getting stuck in the snow, he said. 

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