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Styrofoam Recycling Collection Center in Santa Barbara

In less than two months of announcing a Styrofoam Recycling Program created in a partnership of Heal the Ocean and MarBorg Industries, the amount of Styrofoam going to the program instead of the landfill (and from there, pieces of it out to sea) – is mind-boggling! Right away, on the first day, construction contractors pulled up to MarBorg’s free drop-off site at 20 David Love Place in Goleta, and private citizens began diverting Styrofoam from their trash bins and taking it to the MarBorg recycling center at 132 Nopalitos, in the lower Milpas area, where a mountain of Styrofoam formed within 2 weeks.


Pat & Maire Radis retrieve Styrofoam from their business trash bin


2-week Mountain of Styrofoam at Nopalitos Dropoff


MarBorg is experimenting with “baling” the Styrofoam, for shipping to a “Densifier” process in Ontario – in which Styrofoam is basically melted into molds that are reusable as picture frames, molding, as well as new packing materials that are necessary for fragile shipments such as glass, ceramic materials (sinks, bathtubs), and electronic equipment such as computers and television screens. The goal is to demonstrate a need for the Densifier equipment in Santa Barbara so that it doesn’t have to be hauled to Ontario. We need everyone to participate to have this happen. Please read here to understand the dire need to keep Styrofoam out of the ocean. Once again and always, Heal the Ocean thanks Brian Borgatello for spearheading this project at MarBorg!

 Heal the Ocean has designated our new intern George Henner as our Styrofoam recycling advisor to assist you in utilizing this program. If you need any assistance or have any questions e-mail us at to get this help.

Remember: If it snaps/breaks it’s Styrofoam, otherwise it’s not. Please do NOT put Styrofoam into your Blue Recycling bins.
Remember also: All this Styrofoam being pulled out of trash bins is NOT going to the Landfill, and from there, to the ocean. Thank you!

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