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Recyclables will now be separated into six categories…

From the Town Of Barnstable:

The Solid Waste Division is continuing to adjust its recycling operations to be the most efficient and fiscally responsible for its sticker holders. On February 4, 2019, the Transfer Station & Recycling Center began accepting source separated NEWSPAPER in a designated container in the Recycle Area. Source separated newspaper currently holds a higher value in the recycling market when separated from Mixed Paper. By separating Newspaper, we intend to lower the cost of disposal for Mixed Paper while increasing the return of value for Newspaper.


Source Separated Recyclables will now be separated into six categories. These categories will be:


  • Corrugated Cardboard (corrugated cardboard similar to shipping and Amazon boxes. Some items not accepted are soiled boxes or greasy pizza boxes)
  • Plastics (clean plastic jars, tubs, jugs and bottles. Some items not included are 5-gallon buckets, large kids toys, Styrofoam, plastic bags)
  • Mixed paper (paperboard, mail, magazines, office paper)
  • Newspaper (clean newspaper only, free of excessive ink, non-paper material and other mixed paper, no inserts)
  • Metal cans (clean aluminum, tin and steel food and beverage cans)
  • Glass (clean clear and colored glass bottles and jars. Some items not included are Pyrex, window and automotive glass).


Sticker holders will be responsible for separating their recyclable items and disposing of them into the respective containers. The largest concern with recyclables is contamination. Please clean and/or rinse any residue from all recyclables.


We will be installing updated signs and personnel in the Recycle Center will help with any questions and concerns. Please visit MassDEP’s Recyclopedia at for more information on what recyclable items are widely acceptable.


We appreciate everyone’s patience and assistance.




P.J. Kelliher, Supervisor

Solid Waste Division

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