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One of the hardest parts of properly cleaning any construction or renovation work site can be all the metal scrap that remains, and the need to get all of it properly moved and recycled. The good news for Houston based businesses is that when it comes to finding the right solution to all of your local metal scrapping needs, we’re proud to, not only, serve clients in Houston, but also its surrounding suburban areas as well.

We’re not only talking about large pieces of steel, aluminum, or copper wiring, but virtually any type of metal surplus that a provider is willing to haul away. We take pride in our ability to also take care of the scrap metal from work sites around the Houston area that others won’t touch.

One prime example is our commitment to buy from electrical shops. We’re not scared of wires and mixed in metal pieces from old electrical equipment; we are happy to take it and offer you the best possible deal. There’s no reason to worry about getting rid of scrap metal related to electronic devices, because we are more than happy to take a look at everything you have and haul it away as needed.

If you’ve been frustrated looking for a metal scrap specialist in the Houston area to take care of hauling away your specific and often specialized scrap, then it’s time to give our professionals a call. We’ll gladly deal with whatever you need, including:

– AC components

– Insulated copper wires

– Various metal alloys

– Electric scrap and more!

When it comes to getting the best deal and service from reliable professionals, it’s time to give us a call. We know our business and we can clear out your electrical shop scrap so you can get back to yours!

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