What’s Recyclable, What’s Not in Belmar: Monmouth County Spells It Out for Residents


BELMAR, NJ — Still confused over what you can toss into your recyclables bin?

To reduce the amount of “contamination”— or unacceptable items — mixed in with recyclables, Monmouth County has released its 2019 Resident’s Recycling Guide. The booklet offers detailed lists of what is classified as mandated recyclables and what should be thrown into the regular trash.

It also provides information on recycling of items, such as lightbulbs, batteries, electronics and appliances, as well as how to dispose of hazardous materials, including chemicals, asbestos, and medical waste.

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In Belmar, there is “zero tolerance” policy in effect, meaning that a bin of recyclables will be left at the curb if it contains any prohibited items.

The following items are recyclable and will be collected when placed loosely in one bin:

  • Glass bottles and jars (emptied and rinsed).
  • Aluminum, tin or bimetal can (emptied and rinsed) and nonhazardous aerosol cans.
  • Plastic bottles: Only types #1 and #2 with “pourable neck smaller than body,” such as soda, water or detergent bottles (emptied and rinsed).
  • Paper, cardboard, junk mail, newspapers and magazines.

These items will not be collected:

  • Plastic bags of any kind, including the flimsy, single-use variety. In addition, recyclables cannot be placed in large clear or opaque plastic bags for collection.
  • Margarine, yogurt, food storage/takeout plastics or diaper wipe containers.
  • Aluminum foil, plates, trays or cookware or any metal scrap
  • Lightbulbs, ceramic dishes, glassware or windows.
  • Lids or caps.
  • Leaves or grass clippings.
  • Any paper or cardboard that has been used such as napkins or pizza boxes.

In addition to curbside collection on Wednesdays, Belmar’s recycling center, located off West Railroad Avenue from 16th Avenue, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The use of the facility is for Belmar residents only. Upon arrival, please be prepared to show the attendant proof of residency. A current driver’s license with your present address and/or any of the following items that must indicate a current date: car registration or insurance card, or a household bill (telephone or cable). Click here to visit the borough’s website for additional information on what items are accepted at the center.

For more information about recycling, call the public works department at 732-681-0452 or email DPW@belmar.com.

The Recycling China Connection

China has been the top destination for most of America’s recyclables. Each day, some 4,000 cargo ships would leave U.S. ports, destined for China’s recycling plants. That was until January 2018 when that country placed stricter standards on recycling materials it accept, sending the United States’ entire recycling industry into a frenzy as to what to do with the plastics, bottles, paper and contaminated materials China no longer takes.

Those changes continue to ripple through the United States, as recycling is beginning to cost money, rather than save it. As a result, towns in other states are closing recycling centers or ending curbside collection. But most are banking on the hope that consumers will learn how to separate their recyclables as a way to save the industry.


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