When It Comes To Recycling, Some Salem Wards Better Than Others


SALEM, MA — SalemRecycles completed its fall audit of contamination in recycling. The good news is that the level of contamination fell to 16 percent from 28 percent in the spring. The bad news is that the city still hasn’t hits its goal of less than 10 percent contamination.

And, as the map above shows, some wards are much better than others when its comes to putting out contamination-free recycling for pickup. Ward 5, according to the audit, was where the inspectors found the highest levels of contamination.

“Some wards are doing a great job with contamination rates as low as 3%. Other neighborhoods, with contamination as high as 40%, need a lot of work,” Salem Recycles wrote in a Facebook post.

Contaminated recyclables push up the cost municipalities have to pay to have that waste processed. In recent months China, which processes much of the recycled materials collected in the U.S., has cracked down on imports of contaminated recycled goods.

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Image by SalemRecycles.

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