Wicomico County Ranked #1 for Maryland Recycling


SALISBURY, Md.- The state of Maryland has ranked Wicomico County as number one for recycling with an overall rate of 57.65%.

The Office of the County Executive says the report comes from the Maryland Recycling Act totals for calendar year 2017.

Executive Bob Culver says the success of the county-wide recycling program is dependent on businesses and citizens diverting materials such as cardboard, glass, metal, plastics, and vegetative debris from the overall waste stream. These efforts, while helping protect the environment, help extend the life of the Newland Park Landfill, Culver said.

The office said they have added new signage, lighting, and security features have been installed at various locations and increased efforts have been made to keep each site clean. In addition, recycling bins located at certain convenience centers are being moved outside the gated area to allow recycling drop-off at all hours.

For more information on the Wicomico County recycling program, call 410-548-4935.

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