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VERSAILLES – Worch Memorial Public Library recently announced it is helping with a variety of the community’s recycling needs, ranging from household batteries to garden plants.

The library continuously helps with the recycling needs by collecting household batteries and bottle tops. The batteries are collected to be recycled and the Versailles Garden Club collects the bottle tops for benches. Two benches have been donated to the library since this program has been implemented.

The library is also hosting an e-waste recycling program throughout the month of April. Some of the items accepted for recycling are printers, computer hard drives, tablets, cell phones and mp3 players. The library will not be accepting televisions or monitors.

Throughout May the library is hosting a Community Plant Exchange. Bring in your excess plants or clippings and let someone else take them home. Come in and see if the plant you need is available. When donating plants, please mark them with as much information as possible, include type of plant, light requirements and a short description of overall appearance.

Come out to the library to help with the community recycling and to see the benches donated to the library by the Versailles Garden Club. One is located in front of the library and the other is located in the Phyllis Shivley Memorial Garden, created by the Friends of the Library, on the side of the library.

For more information on these recycling programs or anything else at the library visit www.worch.lib.oh.us or call 526-3416.

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