All-City Elementary School Holds Shoe Recycling Fundraiser


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  There’s more to school than math and spelling. Today, students in Sioux Falls learned both the importance of fundraising, recycling and giving back.

This afternoon, students at All-City Elementary School filled 100 bags with donated shoes for people in other countries.

They all gathered in the gym and tied matching shoes together with rubber bands before putting them into bags.

The fundraiser is organized through a company called Funds2Orgs and will sell the shoes all across the world. Parents and teachers also used this event as a learning opportunity for the kids.

Donna Stolz, the fundraising coordinator for All-City Elementary says, “We tried to explain why people would do this, how it would help them in the long run and so in doing this we’ve really helped the earth, we’ve helped our school, and we’ve helped other people in other countries.”

Today their goal is to prepare 100 bags, the equivalent of 2,500 pairs. By the end of the fundraiser on September 30th, they hope to donate 300 bags or 7,500 pairs.

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