Amarillo extends cardboard recycling program


The cardboard recycling program will be extended in Amarillo. (KVII, Nataziah Gipson)

The City of Amarillo is extending its cardboard recycling program after a successful pilot. The city partnered with KB Recycling to offer a five-week cardboard recycling test program during the holidays.

“We had great participation across the city and thousands of pounds of cardboard was saved from our landfill,” said Adam Schaer of KB Recycling.

About 15,000 pounds of cardboard was collected at four locations across the city. Cardboard recycling will now be available in Amarillo throughout the year. New recycling locations soon will be added.

“Every resident might not have it down the street from their house, but within five to 10 minutes,” said Schaer. “They could hit it on their way to work or their way home.”

Ultimately, the city plans to offer about six cardboard recycling locations.

“Locations might be tweaked a little bit to make sure we are having the greatest impact,” said Shaer.

Those spots are still being determined.

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