AMP Robotics & Recycling Automation; Festo & the MassRobotics-GM Gripper Challenge


In this Robot Report podcast, AMP Robotics CEO Matanya Horowitz discusses the economics of the recycling robots. Also, Festo’s Josh Fox describes winning the MassRobotics-GM Gripper Challenge.

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Welcome to Episode 29 of The Robot Report Podcast, where each week Robot Report editors Steve Crowe and Eugene Demaitre review the latest robotics, automation and intelligent systems news and announcements, and interview leading roboticists, leaders of innovative robotics companies, and other key members of the robotics community.

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In this podcast, Steve Crowe chats with Matanya Horowitz, founder and CEO of AMP Robotics. They discuss how AMP’s pick-and-place robots are improving the economics of the recycling industry. AMP raised a $55 million Series B to kick off 2021, so we unpack how the new funding will enable AMP to scale its current technology and develop new initiatives. Horowitz discusses the technical and business challenges AMP faces, as well as the evolution of its custom vision system and gripper.

Horowitz tells a valuable story about how the data collected by AMP’s vision system is opening up new revenue streams. Some customers are interested in using just AMP’s vision system, not the robots, to learn more about the quality of recyclable materials in the waste stream. I’ve talked to Fetch Robotics a lot about doing something similar with the data collected by its autonomous mobile robots.

Crowe also speaks with Josh Fox, an applications engineer at Festo USA. Josh was part of the team that won the recent MassRobotics-GM Gripper Challenge. Josh takes us inside the challenges and details the universal end effector Festo developed to handle a variety of sheet metal parts. The photo below is the best photo we’ve been able to track down about the winning end effector.

Podcast Timestamps

  • 0-2:22: Show Intro
  • 2:23-34:43 Conversation with Matanya Horowitz, founder and CEO, AMP Robotics
  • 34:44-50:00 Conversation with Josh Fox, applications engineer, Festo USA
  • 50:01-50:50 Show Outro

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