Around Friendswood: Simple Recycling ending service in city



It’s a situation that has even Oscar the Grouch, the Sesame Street character who lives in a trash can, troubled.

For the second time this summer, a recycling company has announced it is suspending or stopping service in Friendswood.

In July, the city’s trash and recycling vendor, Waste Connections, announced it was suspending recycling pickup to the city for six weeks, through Aug. 31.

That same day will be the last day that Simple Recycling known for its orange bags, will collect recyclables in the city. According to a city press release, we’re one of 30 cities nationwide in which service is coming to an end.

Simple Recycling collected gently used clothing and other items in orange or green bags.

Like the Waste Connections situation, die-hard and not-so-diehard recyling fans still have an option or two. The city did its part by putting a bin out alongside Friendswood Junior High for one of those options. will recycle the same things that Story Recycling was accepting. It’s important to note that what it will accept is anything a person can carry. For example, children’s shoes and clothing are probably a big need right now.

But the list is pretty large. Silverware, pots and pans and even gently used sleeping bags are among the other items. In other words, think anything smaller than a mattress.

It’s interesting that services such metropolitan areas as Cleveland and Detroit as well as the greater Houston area, but only one other spot in this neck of the woods, and that’s Plano.

Residents can designate a favorite charity to donate the clothes to, pick a day for collection and then put out the donations for pick up. You can even receive a tax deduction.

 From what an umpire at a NASA Area Little League playoff game told me this past week, Friendswood’s Pony Baseball program is planning to hold a fall ball campaign. That’s huge news for the youngsters. With the COVID-19 situation knocking the league to its knees this summer, showing signs of life as soon as possible will be vastly important.

Others leagues, Like NASA Pony Baseball, are also planning to hold fall ball. Harris County shut down that league on July 6 after just three weeks of games.

 Here’s hoping Mayor Mike Foreman was watching the splashdown of the SpaceX Crew Dragon in the Gulf of Mexico. No doubt, it had to give the former astronaut goosebumps to see Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken finish a safe and successful mission with the first water landing since the 1970s.

 I know there’s a squirrel expert in the city who can help me with something I saw this week. I spotted a squirrel next to a sidewalk and it was missing almost all of its fur on its tail. The fur closest to its body was still intact, but after that, it was just a pencil-thin section of bare skin. What happened? It seemed healthy otherwise.

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