Big Spring Clean = Big Recycling


Cox Media Group Tulsa showed its care for the environment, last Saturday, when it diverted more than 93 tons of trash from the dump through its inaugural Big Spring Clean event. The one-day recycling event focused on collecting plastic bags, batteries, tires, ammunition, medication, sensitive documents, and electronic waste. More than 1,500 vehicles came by to drop off items during the six-hour event on Saturday, March 7 at Expo Square.

“We expected this event to be big,” said Cathy Gunther, Market Vice President, Cox Media Group. “But we were blown away by the number of cars that flooded into Expo Square to recycle items that people have had laying around their house for years. CMG Tulsa is proud to fill a need for Green Country and look forward to hosting another sustainability-focused event in the future.”

The event collected nearly 2,900 tires, 55,000 pounds of paper shredding, 50,000 of electronic waste, 7,600 pounds of batteries, 840 pounds of ammunition, 248 pounds of plastic bags, and nearly 1,000 pounds of medication.

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