Calabasas kids go big for recycling


WATER WISE—The young winners of the 2018 City of Calabasas Water Recycling Drawing Contest display their artwork at a recent congratulatory event. The art can be seen in the new Calabasas Recycling Calendar. Courtesy photo

The 2018 City of Calabasas Water Recycling Drawing Contest has named 14 students from local schools as the winners.

The selected artwork will be placed on the 2019 Calabasas Recycling Calendar.

The winning students are:

Yaas Motamedinia, sixth grade, A. E. Wright Middle School,

Sydney Borselli, third grade, Lupin Hill Elementary School,

Evelene Boratgis, seventh grade, A.C. Stelle Middle School,

Eden Bar-or, second grade, Chaparral Elementary School,

Tyler Mercer, second grade, Bay Laurel Elementary School,

Vivi Hemaidan, kindergarten, Lupin Hill Elementary School,

Mackenzie Wimmer, fourth grade, Bay Laurel Elementary,

Caden Chiang, fifth grade, Lupin Hill Elementary,

Ema Chouipe, third grade, Bay Laurel Elementary,

Sophia Sarni, fifth grade, Lupin Hill Elementary,

Lauren Kaufman, eighth grade, A.E. Wright Middle,

Isla Goldfarb, fourth grade, Bay Laurel Elementary,

Tyler Rudy, first grade, Bay Laurel Elementary.

On receiving their awards at a presentation night, the students gave speeches on their artwork.

“Did you know that 95 percent of the water that enters our homes actually goes down the drain daily? Did you also know that the average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day? But by coming up with ways to reduce the amount of water we use every day, we can make a big difference,” said Evy Boratgis.

“I come from England, which has a lot of rain and water recycling is not very important. I wanted to draw about recycling water because now I live in California, which is a very dry place. . . . Another way I save water is that I try to take short showers, but my mom says if I’m still dirty, the shower was too short,” said Tyler Mercer.

“The idea behind my art project is that my mom’s roses grow tall in the rain and I thought, I’ll make a flower in the rain. I noticed that flowers need a lot of water, so I drew the drops very big. Then, I thought I want the flower to be pretty so I colored the petals,” Vivi Hemaidan said.

Recycling water makes Mackenzie Wimmer happy. “I also wanted the flowers in my drawing to look like they were dancing out of happiness because I love to dance,” she said.

Sophia Sarni found a new way to reuse water. “My efforts on recycling are when I clean the fish tank I use the dirty fish water to feed my plants outside, because animal deposits are good for plants. We also do that for my mom’s orchids.”

“What runs, but never walks? Water!” said Isla Goldfarb. “ How I can help reduce my water use is not to fill my bathtub as high and to take shorter showers. By doing this it will turn my bathtub’s frown upside down and hopefully make a difference in the world.”

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