Circular Plastics, 2-Day Conference: BioMass, GHG, Recycling; Disrupting Petroleum as Feedstock (Prague, Czech Republic – September 29-30, 2020) –


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Circular Plastics: BioMass, GHG, Recycling; Disrupting Petroleum as Feedstock” conference has been added to’s offering.

Welcome to the publisher’s 29th conference, and the 11th on Re-Invention of Plastics

A spirit of innovation in the field of chemicals/polymers is brewing; a phenomenon we have not seen in the chemical industry since the 1960s. Such radical innovations are being necessitated by the lack of indefinite availability/sustainability of fossil fuels and the associated global warming endangering our planet earth.

Driven by consumer awareness, Brand-owners are pushing the manufacturers to respond with technology that takes Sustainability & Environmental impact to new heights, for example:

  • Transitioning from traditional fossil-based raw-materials to Renewable BioMass / Waste(s) / Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, and Recycled Petro/Bio-based Plastics as raw-materials (M, mass)
  • Cycling into Valued Products, that is, Durability as opposed to BioDegradation or Disposal, via Recycling / BioFuels / Composites / Incineration (C, cycling).
  • As a symbolic expression for the Endurance of Polymer Industry (E), we propose: E = MC2, highlighting the greater role of Cycling

The Re-Shaping of Polymers/Plastics industry has already begun; join us to witness the future!


September 29 (Tuesday) 2020

Circular Plastics Revolution: Executive Overview of Global Efforts

  • Rationale for Pushing Sustainability & Environmental Initiatives in Plastics & Chemical Industry
  • Bio-Sourced + Recycled Plastics: Compounded Impact on Sustainability & Environment via Reduction of Climate-Land-Ocean Pollution & Pursuit of Independence from Fossil-Fuels
  • Historic Emergence of Biobased Plastics through Turbulent Times
  • Latest Views on BioDegradable & Compostable Plastics
  • Fossil-Free PolyOlefins/PolyEsters/PolyAmides & other DURABLE Plastics
  • Advancing Trends in Plastic Recycling; Physical & Chemical
  • Dr. Yash Khanna, President, InnoPlast Solutions, USA

Brand-Owner Strategic Planning (Coordination with Supply Chain)

Renewable Building Blocks for Durable Plastics (PolyOlefins/PolyEsters/PolyAmides: Old & New)

Cocktail Reception & Networking

Networking Dinner by Charles River

September 30 (Wednesday) 2020

Biodegradable / Compostable Plastics (Challenges to Business Growth in Circular Economy)

Advances in RECYCLING; enabling Circular Plastics (Mechanical/Chemical/Fuel/Composite Products)

Overview of Recycling PET; the Most Common Beverage Packaging Material

  • Demand > Supply
  • Partial Replacement of Virgin-PET with Recycled PET
  • Partial Replacement of PET-Plastic with Aluminum
  • Emergence of Chemical Recycling
  • Dr. Yash Khanna, President, InnoPlast Solutions, USA

Panel Discussion-Pre-Selected Questions from Participants – I am in a traditional plastics industry. Why should I switch to biobased plastics?

  • What are Government mandates on using biobased products in Europe & Japan? What is the expectation from the U.S. Government?
  • What are the prospects for expanding On-Site Composting / Collection Stations in the U.S; example being Atlanta Falcons stadium being built to address Zero Waste? If not nationwide, could this concept be extended Selectively to other institutions such as Airports, Hospitals, Sports arena, Corporate Headquarters? Any lessons learned from the infrastructure set up in Europe & Japan for handling Biobased / Recycled plastics?
  • Why don’t the Brand-Owners push for Biobased / Recycled products and create demand?
  • Notes to be Distributed to the Participants, Post-Conference

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