City leaders release recycling ‘naughty list’ after Christmas


Credit: City of Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – After the gifts were opened and the toys have been played with, many Oklahoma City families are left with a big mess.

Officials with the City of Oklahoma City want to remind residents that many of the items you might end up with at Christmas time cannot be recycled.

Experts created a list of items that are on the recycling “naughty” list:

  • Wrapping paper and gift bags:  Many of these have plastic or other non-recyclable components in the paper, which means they can’t be broken down in the recycling process.
  • Ribbons and bows: These can’t be recycled and may get tangled in the processing equipment.
  • Plastic bags and wrap: Don’t put plastic bags in with your recycling, or put your recyclable items inside plastic bags. Make sure you put all items loose in your curbside cart.
  • Plastic cutlery and napkins: Put these items in with your regular trash.
  • Plastic shipping ‘bubbles’ and shipping peanuts: These cannot be processed at the recycling center.
  • Christmas lights: These can become tangled and create a big mess at the recycling plant.
  • Christmas greens and trees: If you want to recycle a tree, take them to the Parks and Recreation Department’s Christmas Tree mulching event.

However, officials say you can recycle a lot of other items like the following:

  • Cardboard gift boxes and shipping boxes
  • Craft paper wrapping paper and bags
  • Plastic ‘clamshell’ food containers and packaging
  • Aluminum foil and cooking containers that have been cleaned and rinsed
  • Glass and plastic bottles, jars and tubs that have been cleaned of all food items.

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