City leaders to suspend recycle program indefinitely


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA)— Starkville city leaders will decide on suspending the city’s recycling program indefinitely.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said before the pandemic the city had a curbside pickup service, then it changed to drop-off only.

She said the higher costs may end the recycle program for good.

“It’s going to start costing us $40,000 a year and as a part of that we find that there is some confusion about whether items are really getting recycled, because there’s no longer a market,” she said.

The Starkville Board of Aldermen are looking at a possible partnership with Mississippi State University.

Spruill said their entity for recycling is willing to add the city to their pickup points.

The entity also had a second hand dealer that examines each product before its recycled, she said.

Spruill said that will make the pickup program more efficient.

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