City of Ephrata Reveals New Recycling Center Tuesday


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The city of Ephrata will be unveiling the new recycling center to the public on Tuesday, February 11. The new recycling center will make the move from the north part of the city to near the Splash Zone area for several reasons.

“One, the property the recycling center is on now actually belongs to the Burlington Northern Railroad and we’re going to actually be putting it on city property,” said Mike Warren, city administrator.

According to Warren, another reason for the move is due to issues with dumping and some debris blowing away because it’s not confined.

“When we moved it we put fencing around it and we also put a camera there so if we have some illegal dumping we’ll be able to identify who’s doing that,” said Warren.

Failure to comply to the rules can result in $31-$101 in civil penalties. The recycling center will accept the same products as the former location and will be open 24/7.


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